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We will offer one or more products weekly, with zero or low starting prices, small bidding increments so everyone can participate in the excitement and stand a chance to get gear at unbelievable prices! Here are the guidelines and we ask that if you want to bid, you adhere to these so that the auctions happen fairly:

  1. Don’t bid if you cannot pay the price should you win the auction.
  2. You’ll have 24 hours to complete payment once an auction has been won.
  3. Failure to pay for a won bid will result in future bids being deleted.
  4. Please read product descriptions fully so that you understand what is being offered.
  5. Enjoy the auction experience with us!

How the Zero Rand Auction Works:

  • Registered users can bid
  • Once the promotion starts (see countdown), users can bid from R0 on the item. 
  • Bids increase at a R1 increment
  • Users can “proxy” bid – this means you can enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the item and the system will increase your bid by R1 until you win, or are knocked out by competing bids.
  • The winner is the highest bid when the auction closes

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What you can win..

Shure Digital Recording Kit 


The Digital Recording Kit is perfectly made for recording and monitoring directly with your computer or mobile phone. Simply connect the Shure PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Mic with the included XLR cable and the MVi Digital Audio Interface to your device and use the included SRH240A Professional Quality Headphones for monitoring.