MAONOCASTER Lite Single Mic Bundle

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All-In-One Podcast Production Studio with 1x Condenser Mic

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Product Description

MAONO XLR Microphone Desktop Microfone Cardioid Condenser Podcast Mic with Professional Sound Card for Studio/Home Recording, Gaming, Streaming, YouTube, Chatting…
*Earphones inside the package is a gift for MAONOCASTER new parcel, and it is not sold separately.

  • All-in-One: Works as a USB sound card plus mixing station.
  • Easy-to-use: Setup and start podcasting or live streaming in no time.
  • Mixing Station:  Two mic inputs, One Accompaniment input, and real-time monitoring
  • Special Effects: Eight Built-in special audio effects and various adjustments available for your creation
  • Multiple Outputs: Output up to three devices simultaneously. Give you more possibilities.
  • Microphone: Pro-Grade Studio Design
    Cardioid pick-up pattern
    CARDIOID POLAR PATTERN: Cardioid polar pattern design reduces the pickup of sounds from the sides, improving the isolation of the desired sound source, making a clearer and more realistic sound. Perfect for Network YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search, Steaming, Podcasting, and Desktop Recording
    Pickup distance 0-50cm/20in
    XLR Plug and Play Premium XLR microphone can connector phone or computer

    Convenient and stable The angle of the tripod can be adjusted arbitrarily