Tecnix Combo 5


R1,295.00 incl. VAT

A set consisting of

  • TUSB-700
  • TRF-007
  • TMS-200

Please note no devices are included and are included for illustrative purposes.

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Product Description


The Tecnix Cardioid USB Condenser Mic & Tripod is perfect for meetings, streaming or content creation. It features a unidirectional USB condenser microphone, a portable tripod stand, a high quality fast screw mic clip and a 1.5m high speed USB-B to USB-A cable.
The Tecnix Cardioid USB Condeser Mic is perfect for capturing audio or streaming on a budget. It Features a full metal body with a matt black finish. The TUSB-700 come with a Portable tripod stand, a built in wind shield, a usb mic clip and a high speed USB-B to USB-A Cable. Its plug and play USB interface makes it a must have. Compatable with Mac & Windows.


The Tecnix Studio Reflection Filter – Black Portable Acoustic Treatment/Reflection Filter is used to Reduce Room Ambience in Untreated Recording Spaces – With Tecnix’s Most Affordable Reflection Filter Yet!
The Tecnix TRF-007 gives you access to the professionals acoustic filter technology at an incredibly affordable price. For the TRF-007 , Tecnix developed new materials that are lightweight yet rugged enough to stand up to the most demanding work environments.
Comprised of 3 outer honeycomb metal pressed panels, 20mm convolted foam, 20mm solid foam backing essentialy gives you 40mm of high density foam to reduce acoustic interferanceThis 3 Panel design that imparts near-zero sonic coloration to your tracks. When we want to get great-sounding recordings without breaking the bank, we reach for the Tecnix TRF-007.


The Tecnix Roundbase Desktop Mic Stand is designed to make life easier when Looking for the Perfect Mic Placement. The Tecnix TMS-200 is exacttly what you need, the portable Roundbase desktop stand easily adjusts horizontally and simply pick up the stand to rotate a full 360° horizontally.
The Tecnix Roundbase Desktop Mic Stand Easily stands on your desk, counter or any flat surface, its made from high quality steel with a Powdercoated black finnish to provide resistance to wear and tear looking great for many years, this Roundbase stand configuration offers Stability and Portabilityand the adjustment height between 25cm & 35cm LEaveys you with an additional 10cm to get that perfect height. The Physical Microphone Clip is made from a heavy duty polyethyline and is made for smaller and larger cardioid microphones. The actual weight of the Roundbase keeps the Centre of Gravity low so it can take any mic and not topple over.