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Antari Z-3000 MKII Fog Machine

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The Antari Z-3000 MKII DJ Fog Machine is a thermo control fog machine, featuring DMX connectors. When it comes to ultimate performance and precision control, the Z-3000 MKII will suit virtually any applications. These fog machine provide significant advantages in a wide array of applications where volume of fog output is critical. Around 25% electricity is saved due to a high efficient power control system allowing the fogger to operate at low-level temperature. An electronic low fluid detector is also installed which automatically weakens pump power and stops pumping when running-out of fluid.

They are fully controllable via Z-20 LCD control module supplied allowing the operator to set the volume control and timing precisely to the exact percentage from 1% to 100% output. DMX connection can be worked by either 3 or 5 pin connector. This machines are Antari’s proud innovation; they are dedicated to most demanding professionals. Ideal for very large venues, outdoor event, movie production or for fire training concept.







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Heater : 3,000 W

Output : 40,000 cu.ft / min

First Heat-up Time : 12 min

Tank Capacity : 6 litre

Fluid Consumption Rate : 5 min / litre (100% Output)

Remote Included : Z-20 Control Module

Optional Remotes : Z-30PRO Wireless Control Module

Weight : 19.9 Kg

Dimensions (mm) : L 735 W 310 H 192

DMX : On board

Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid


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